Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Words

Today is the last day of this Learning Lab. I thank you for your enthusiasm and excellent participation. Your valuable input is what made this elearning event a success. I hope you do register your virtual projects because you have very good and brilliant ideas. I remind you to fill in the Lab evaluation form. Warm wishes for a successful scholastic year! (by Miriam Schembri)

It was the first time I participated to a learning event. It was a challenge for me. Here I met many colleagues with ideas and knowledge. I cordially thank Ana Tudor. The project, which she wrote is clear and detailed. I joined her project “The Wonderful world of Childhood”. Ana is a great administrator. She is an inexhaustible source of programs that I can use in my work. Ana set up a blog and I became a follower. Here I found another new friend Maria Luz Borges. We chatted for an hour, but we were not able to join together in one project. We will do this in the future. Because Maria is a very sunny person and she had a great time while working. Miriam is a wonderful presenter. She responded to all queries very quickly. This area is well organized and it’s easy to use. Thanks, Miriam! (by Svetla Popova)

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