Monday, September 20, 2010

Reflections at the End of Learning Event

It was a real challenge for me to work in this course. It liked me from the beginning. That’s why I decided to achieve a blog where I posted the tasks proposed by Miriam, the materials sent by my course partners and the links to important sites considered useful by our mentor. The dates were well chosen in order to give us the necessary time to accomplish our duties. The using of “Children Pages” offered us the opportunity to post the title of our projects which appeared in alphabetical order and could be seen by all the course participants. The chosen title were different but all of them according to our similar curriculum. We also had the chance to add in attachments our photos, PowerPoint presentations, slides created by our pupils and posted with the help of Wiki. Clicking on the title of a project we could add our names, the tools used by us, the plan of our projects and our comments for a good cooperation. By using “Forum & Chat” we could find partners, talk about the manner in which we intend to realize the activities of the projects according the established aims. I want to thank to my partners in the project “The Wonderful World of Childhood” (Esen Sandıraz, Kremena Marinova and Svetla Popova) as well as to our dear Miriam for all her support. (Ana Tudor)
It was the first time to participated to a learning event. It was very useful and challenge for me. I participated in three different project ,,My Native corner", ,,E-motions" and ,,Just imagine and Have It". All those project ideas were so simple and creativ and special thanks for my colleges to work together. Of course I found a lot of great, creativ and original project ideas. Thanks to all participants and Mirjam to share ideas and good resorssis! (Terje Mägi)

Hello everyone! I first time participated in Learning Event. I understand again that for the modern teachers have very, very not much time to all new and interesting to teach students, but - to try all new and interesting teach is fantastic! Thanks to my great team and thanks Miriam! (Ingrida Tāraude-Šakova)

First of all I want to thank to Miriam for her support and for her patience with all the beginners. Besides I want to thank to Maria Luz Borges and Mary Fournari, my partners in the project “A First Road to the Art”. We have created together our Children Pages, the plan of the project and the proposals for the tools which can be used in order to have a better cooperation between all the school partners. The materials posted in attachments or the slides presented convinced me that they can be my partners in next projects. This course was very interesting because it presented us amazing slideshares which represented for us real lessons and gave us the chance to gain experience, to find the courage, to select project partners for European project for the benefit of our pupils. The best thing was the fact we could see the projects of the others in order to learn from the kind in which they plan their activities in the project. We can use more tools from now, as Miriam and the project partners proposed or describe. I wish you good luck to all of you. (Gabriela Mirela Jugar)
This event was an interesting experience. I met teachers who are creative and have lots of fantastic ideas to share with others. I learned about ICT tools which are new to me. I joined a project (One School Day in Autumn) which hopefully will be continued during the coming month. We communicated through wiki and forum. I want to thank all the participants and Miriam for being helpful and sharing their knowledge and experience with others. (Edyta Paziewska)
I really liked the fact that I could work on a project that my pupils would really love (children in the fairytale world). I startde with etwinning projects this February but in this seminar I foundout that I have a looooot to learn, especially things that have to do with ICT tools! I am sorry that I didn't have the time to absorb all this information but I will do it little by little. (I've seen many interesting pposts concerning etwinning generally and sites with a lot of interesting ICT tools I haven't yet checked...). I am also sorry that I won't be able to put into practice our project since I am pregnant and I don't have a permanent school. I will definitely try to attend another seminar, as well. It was great meeting other people and exchanging ideas with them. Miriam, it was amazing that you had the time to deal with all of our queries!!! Thank you for everything!!! I hope I will "meet" all of you again! (Georgia Maneta)

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