Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Lab is from 8th till the 21st of September. In this interactive event we team up with other teachers to work together towards planning an eTwinning project. Project ideas and approaches are discussed in order to find ways how these can be adapted to young pupils. At the end of the event we can commit to register and carry out the project.
We are instructed by Miriam Schembri on what to do and in which order.
The event has 5 activities which must be completed on these days:
8-9th September
10-11th September
12-15th September
16-19th September
20-21st September

Here is Miriam Schembri’s introduction:
“I am an early years educator and has been teaching preschool children for 26 years. Currently I teach children who are 4 to 5 years old at St Thomas More College. Our school is in Fgura which is a very busy town in the southern part of Malta. I have been in eTwinning for five years and have participated in various projects. I am an eTwinning ambassador for Malta and also form part of the eTwinning Teacher team. I am interested in using technology as a tool for learning in the classroom and am also interested in communication and collaboration technology. I am glad that I will be leading this learning lab event and hope you will enjoy it and find it beneficial.”

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