Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Wonderful World of Childhood

Project details A project in the name of friendship between European pupils and teachers in which we can describe the wonderful life of childhood as it is seen by pupils from our countries. A lot of school subjects are linked by the topics of the project. We can know better each other, to discover differences and similarities between our educational systems, timetable, leisure, etc.

Subjects: Citizenship, Cross Curricular, Environmental Education, Ethics, European Studies, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Mathematics / Geometry, Philosophy / Logic, Physical Education, Religion, Social Studies / Sociology

Languages: English

Pupil's age: 7 - 14

Tools to be used: e-mail, Forum, MP3, Other software (PowerPoint, video, pictures and drawings)

Aims: To improve our pupils' English vocabulary, to make new friends, to link a bridge of our friendship. Work process: Gathering materials: pictures, photos, things that are made by children, what are they think about childhood.

Expected results: to have as final products a lot of slides of pictures, drawings, PowerPoint presentations about this magnificent world of childhood, paintings, etc.

My first school partner is Esen Sandıraz, an English teacher from Turkey. The second is Svetla Popova from Bulgaria. We are looking forward many other partners to join us.

Kremena Marinova has already joined us.

Children Pages
Ana Tudor
Esen Sandıraz
Kremena Marinova
Svetla Popova

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